Below are important suggestions when travelling in Siem Reap, Angkor and Cambodia

  Travel insurance is your responsibility and needs to be suitable for all forms of travel and adventures you undertake in Cambodia. Tonle Sap Localtour  prices do not include any insurance for guests.
Cambodia’s weather is usually hot and humid so you should bring clothing appropriate for our climate.
Wear good quality walking/hiking shoes or boots. Make sure you have worn them a number of times before the visit.
Light weight clothing, which cover your arms and legs, is highly recommended for both sun protection and to inhibit mosquitos.
Some other suggested items to bring along in a small day-sack.

* Mosquito repellent.
* Sunscreen.
* A hat and sunglasses.
* A packet of wet wipes/wet ones or some hand sanitiser.
* A packet of tissues.
* A tube of lip balm.

Mr. Chang tours always carry plenty of umbrellas for those unexpected (or expected) down pours. But you may wish to bring your own small/compact umbrella or even a rolled up poncho style rain protector.
If you have any food allergies which may not be able to be serviced from our local food outlets then please bring along plenty of your own snacks or more substantial items so you can enjoy a full day out and about.
And of course … bring your phone/camera along. There will be so many wonderful photo opportunities along the way. You may also want to bring along a portal recharging battery pack in case you need to top-up your power while on the go.